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Gorgeous Blooms!



These are the latest flowers treat Gracing my dining table today.  I didn't know you could get bunches of hyacinths! I always thought they came in pots.  These still have their little muddy bulbs on.

I'm enjoying a one-shot skinny latte in town this morning sitting out on the sun terrace kicking back a little after a full-on weekend of Fairs. 

They were great Events and very busy days. I was happy to take a few custom orders and we also sold many from Our Exciting new project  Our 'Skinny Bangles'..... 

I will be uploading these later today watch out for the little Hyacinth petal adornment in the photos! 

Hers's a little taster For you!....


From the White Collection.

This Skinny has an iridescent shell, cream pearls and clear crystals. 

Dianne Woods May 19, 2014 10 tags (show)